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4 Affordable Ways to Rejuvenate Winter Skin
March 29, 2022

woman in maroon jacket sitting on bench outside in snow

Winter is the last thing any of us want to think about right now – we’ve left it behind for another year. But our skin isn’t so quick to forget. Those cold, dry months from December-March leave their traces on your skin, and spring is the perfect time for a tune-up. We’ve compiled some of the effective but affordable ways that you can revitalize a post-winter complexion and look your best for the warmer months ahead.

How does winter weather damage my skin?

Your skin is at its unhappiest during the colder months. The combination of cold outdoor air, dry indoor heat, low humidity, and sharp, aggravating wind depletes your skin of moisture. And moisture is everything for healthy skin. The areas that are most exposed – typically the face and hands – bear the brunt of the impact. You’re likely to notice peeling or flaky skin, crepey or tired-looking eyes, and a diminished glow.

Cost-Conscious Options for Spring Skin Rejuvenation

Infusion Facial

before and after aquagold infusion facial

The infusion facial offers Botox, fillers, and PRP without the need for injections. This revolutionary treatment combines anti-aging substances with a microneedling handpiece to deliver them safely and comfortably into the skin. Your infusion facial can be customized to suit your unique needs to deliver the precise results you have in mind.

Achieve downtime-free anti-aging and rejuvenation to perk up your skin with natural-looking results. The subtle enhancement is one of the most appealing parts of this treatment option – nobody will notice that you’ve had treatment, just that you look absolutely amazing.

Chemical Peels

before and after VI peels

Peels are a wonderful pick-me-up because they can be customized to address specific concerns. Hoping to clear up acne scars? Frustrated by brown spots? Looking for overall smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles? There’s a VI Peel for that. These peels offer 5 targeted formulas to improve the skin conditions you’re facing. A series of peels will produce more pronounced results.

If you’re interested in a peel, we recommend scheduling a free consultation to meet with our esthetician. She’ll recommend the treatment plan that best fits your needs. These peels can address overall skin tone and texture, collagen production, skin discoloration, oily skin and acne, and scarring. They’re a great way to get a comprehensive glow after the aggressive, drying winter months.


radiofrequency microneedling benefits

Microneedling uses a handpiece with a series of fine needles to create tiny channels in the skin. This stimulates the skin’s cells to kickstart the healing process, creating fresh collagen and elastin in the area. These connective tissues help boost your skin’s firmness and improve lines, scarring, pore size, and more.

Your microneedling can be combined with PRP to deliver powerful growth factors directly to your skin. This helps intensify the microneedling results. We also offer radiofrequency microneedling to gently heat the skin during the process. This energy contributes to the microneedling treatment’s impact. Microneedling is also accompanied by minimal downtime, making it an ideal treatment for a patient trying a cosmetic treatment for the first time.

Laser Hair Removal

While unwanted hair isn’t caused by cold weather, it’s something you’re thinking about in the springtime before the upcoming beach months. This is also an ideal time for laser hair removal because you can’t receive treatment during periods of sun exposure. Tanned skin isn’t as safe to treat with lasers, and the results won’t be as effective. If you start laser hair removal right now, you’ll be seeing results by summertime so that you can spend less time shaving, waxing, and plucking. We’re currently offering a laser hair removal special, so don’t miss your chance to take advantage of the discount!

If you’ve been feeling down at the end of winter, you’re not alone. And taking small steps to get a boost makes a big difference. If you’re not loving what you see when you look in the mirror, know that rejuvenation is possible without a hefty price tag. Reach out today to request a complimentary consultation. There’s no commitment required, and we’ll tell you more about which treatments could make a difference and what to expect from the process. Fight those winter blues with revitalizing skin care!