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“Dr. Alkadri and his staff are amazing!!! They are welcoming, comforting and caring from the time you walk in the door and back out again. You don’t leave feeling like you knew less than when you walked in. Everything is explained in terms you understand!!
Thanks Vein and Laser for the excellent care I was given.”
JK, Patient

“Another treatment on my spider veins. Looking better every day. And I still can’t get over the improvement since the ablation of my varicose veins. No more swelling in that leg and I can work and RUN pain free for the first time in years. Ahhhhhhhh! Thank you Dr Alkadri!”
RK, Patient

“Very wonderful experience from the time u step in the door the staff is amazing very friendly and helpful! Dr. Alkadri is so amazing not only he is the best at what he does but also a wonderful caring person! He will make sure u are very pleased and will make sure the results are perfection! Couldn’t be happier that I found Dr. Alkadri will recommend him to family and friends!”
KH, Patient

“Dr. Alkadri and his staff were very helpful and so friendly! Not to mention the office is absolutely stunning!”
JL, Patient

“I’ve been struggling with Varicose Veins for fifteen years now. I’ve been going to Hinsdale Vein and Laser for two years. Dr. Alkadri is one of the best and nicest Doctor’s you will ever meet. I’m completely satisfied. He’s helped me out so much with my problem. I’m very happy with the results. Everyone in the office is the nicest and caring people. Really makes things a lot easier. Highly recommended!”
TW, Patient

“Both of my legs were in pain and swollen most of the time do to reflux. I had the EVLT procedure on both legs and wished that I had sought treatment sooner. Now my legs feel great and I can walk and stay on my feet as long as I want, free of pain or swelling. I have chosen to now treat the spider veins on both legs and have had one Cutera laser treatment so far on the left leg and I’m amazed of how much better my leg looks and very happy with the results so far. I’m going to have the Cutera laser done on my right leg soon. I can’t wait for both of legs to look great again. Dr. Alkadri is very a caring person and is very good at what he does. Thank you Dr. Alkadri!”
KP, Patient

“Had a great experience getting Botox and filler today. I have gotten this done by other docs in the past and believe Dr Alkadri is the best!! Thank you!”
LSW, Patient

“5 stars for fantastic treatment. I had the cutera laser done on both legs. My legs had spider veins and a large vein (bordering varicose vein). It was treated with the laser once, and was gone! I went for a few consults other places and this is the only office with the cutera laser. No painful injections! I would recommend this place and treatment to anyone.”
AL, Patient