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Liposuction & Fat Grafting

Hinsdale fat grafting

Volume loss is one of the most noticeable components of aging – but it can be tricky to combat. Fillers are always an option, but what about a more lasting solution? Fat grafting offers our patients a safe, predictable and long-term way to restore volume, using their own fat tissue.

Fat is natural and it has the potential to last a lifetime.

With liposuction and fat grafting, your own living fatty tissue is removed from an area with excess fat and grafted to an area with volume loss. The liposuction and grafting must be performed carefully with the proper techniques to ensure that the fat cells thrive in their new home.

Fat grafting can be performed for the face, lips, neck, breasts, hollows around the eyes, hands, arms, and other areas of the body. Patients pursue fat grafting for both aesthetic and reconstructive purposes. Using stem cell-enriched fat grafts helps ensure the viability of the fat cells and deliver optimal results.

Dr. Alkadri also offers dedicated chin liposuction for double chin treatment.

Fat Grafting Areas

  • Chest (breast reconstruction)
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Face
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Scars across the body
  • Neck
  • Hollow areas around the eyes
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • …and other areas experiencing volume loss

Liposuction & Fat Grafting Procedure – What to Expect

Hinsdale fat grafting

The first step is liposuction. This procedure will remove fat from an area that you would like to slim down, and provide fat cells for your graft. A syringe attached to a hollow metal cannula is used to collect the fat and minimize injury to the fat or the surrounding area. Common liposuction areas are the thighs and abdomen.

The fat is then processed so that stem cell-rich fat cells are isolated. This is completed with the help of a centrifuge.

The final step is for the living fat to be deposited back into the skin. Special cannulas are used to inject small fat parcels into areas lacking volume. Each parcel contains living tissue to ensure blood vessel growth and blood supply.

Because fat transfer is autologous (comes from the patient’s own body), there are reduced treatment risks. The most common side effects are soreness and swelling. Most patients recover quickly and experience far less downtime than with other surgical procedures.

Am I a candidate for liposuction and fat grafting?

Fat grafting is appropriate for a wide variety of areas and concerns. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Alkadri to learn more about whether treatment could be a good fit for your goals, or whether another treatment may be ideal.

Common Fat Grafting Procedures

Face Lift

Volume loss can hit the face hard, and cause premature aging. Whether due to hollow cheeks, increased fine lines and wrinkles, hollows around the eyes, volume loss can add decades to one’s appearance and speed the clock forward.

Fat grafting can be used to accomplish an overall face lift without the need for a more invasive surgical procedure. When strategically grafted to key areas like the eyes, cheeks, lips and chin, natural fat tissue will return youthful curves and volume.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift enhances the size and shape of the buttocks using grafted fat tissue. A butt lift offers precise control over the patient’s curves & overall figure. In many cases, a Brazilian butt lift will offer more natural-looking and -feeling results than butt implants because of the use of natural tissues.

The fat used in the procedure is harvested from target areas of the body like the back, abdomen, hips or thighs.

Once the fat cells have been purified, they are combined with the patient’s PRP (platelet rich plasma) to help encourage revitalizing effects in the injection area. The prepared fat is then injected at carefully determined locations across the buttocks to achieve a rounder, fuller figure.

Breast Reconstruction

Fat grafting can also be used in breast reconstruction. This allows for gentle augmentation and reconstruction that looks and feels natural due. Fat is taken from the thighs, belly or buttocks and injected in the breast area.
Fat grafting for the breasts is most often recommended for patients who would like to undergo a small increase in breast size and achieve natural, subtle results. Many women also find that their fat grafts have sensation and feel like natural breast tissue.
If you’re interested in any type of fat graft, please request a consultation so that Dr. Alkadri may make personalized recommendations and tell you more about your ideal treatment options.

*Please note that there is a nonrefundable $100 deposit required for liposuction consultations. This will be applied to the procedure cost.