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Fem Shot

hinsdale o shot treatment

Men have access to a wide range of sexual enhancement treatment options, including widely available prescription medications like Viagra and Cialis. Why shouldn’t women have the opportunity to receive similar treatments? Medical treatments for female sexual dysfunction and related concerns have not yet yielded an option that is similarly effective.

Platelet rich plasma injections are changing that. A new, naturally-derived treatment option called the Fem Shot is providing women with a way to improve their sex drive, enhance orgasms, improve vaginal and clitoral health, and find relief from urinary incontinence.

What is the Fem Shot?

  • The Fem Shot involves the injection of platelet rich plasma (PRP) into the treatment area. PRP’s growth factors enhance sexual response and improve a wide range of genital and urinary health concerns.
  • The Fem Shot procedure is similar to that of the PRP Facelift, with the primary difference being the treatment area. The PRP injections stimulate cell growth in the same way, but in a different part of the body.

It’s no secret that many women struggle to achieve orgasm. This treatment aims to make female orgasms far more accessible – alongside the other physical benefits that PRP injections provide. Isolated platelet rich plasma from your own own is injected into the genitalia at specific sites. Patients pursue the Fem Shot to improve:

  • Incontience
  • Dyspareunia, or pain during sex
  • Sexual arousal and sexual response
  • Overall vaginal and clitoral health

Patients may notice results as early as the day of the procedure, with results continuing to improve over time.

Why get a Fem Shot?

Hinsdale o shot

The Fem Shot is extremely unique. There aren’t many treatments available for female sexual dysfunction to begin with, and PRP injections carry additional advantages because they stimulate vaginal tissue growth. Dr. Alkadri’s Fem Shot patients have decided on treatment for some of these reasons –

  • Improve urinary incontinence and overall urinary function
  • Intensify clitoral stimulation and arousal, including increased vaginal lubrication
  • Increase and intensify orgasms to improve their sex lives and sexual confidence, especially after childbirth
  • Enhance sexual arousal and response
  • Vaginal rejuvenation – healthier skin on the vaginal lips, labia minora and majora, and a tighter vaginal wall
  • Reduce pain during sex and find relief from dyspareunia
  • Improve vulvar lichen sclerosus

Each patient’s experience is unique, and woman are choosing the Fem Shot for countless personal (and life-changing) reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the Fem Shot be injected?

The PRP is injected into the upper vagina and clitoris at specific injection sites, using a very small needle. The vagina is numbed prior to injection, and the patient feels little or no pain. Many patients are surprised that the shot has even taken place!

How many treatment sessions are needed?

Many patients find that a single treatment session produces results. Some patients do benefit from repeat treatments, and also choose to receive the shot again as results fade in the future.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure typically takes about 30 minutes from start (blood being drawn) to finish. Patients do not have downtime after the procedure but will need to take certain precautions to allow for proper healing to take place.

Is the shot painful?

Patients are numbed using a topical anesthetic prior to injection. Many patients do not feel anything during the injection process.

How long will my results last?

Some patients notice same day results, while others require a few weeks before they begin seeing a change. Results do vary on an individual basis due to each patient’s unique body and physiology, as well as their age and hormone levels. On the conservative end, results can begin to fade after about 9 months – but some patients see them last for years.

What is injected?

The Fem shot contains only platelet rich plasma which has been harvested from the patient’s own blood. This plasma contains important growth factors that stimulate healing and tissue response in the treatment area.

How does PRP grow healthy tissue in the vaginal area?

Platelet rich plasma contains natural growth factors. These growth factors signal to stem cells that they should produce new, younger tissue in the treatment area. This spreads throughout the female sexual anatomy. Treatment has been shown to have an 85% success rate, with the intensity of results often surprising the patients.

PRP has been used in fields like orthopedic surgery, cardiology and neurosurgery to grow new tissues after injuries and illness. PRP can regenerate skin, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels – as well as vaginal tissue.

Who is a candidate for the Fem Shot?

Female sexual dysfunction is an incredibly widespread yet under-researched condition. Research shows that less than 14% of women discuss sex with their doctors, and generally feel embarrassed to broach the subject. Many who have attempted to discuss a sexual issue are told that the problem is psychological, or they are given medication that doesn’t make a difference (often meant for anxiety).

If any of this sounds familiar, you are an excellent candidate for treatment. Any woman who has experienced urinary incontinence, pain during sex, decreased arousal, difficulty orgasming, or poor sexual self esteem owes it to herself to explore this option. Some patients with past sexual trauma have also found the treatment to be a healing opportunity that assists them in moving forward.

Is the procedure safe?

Since the PRP used in the injection is derived from the patient’s own blood, there is little to no risk of complications. An adverse reaction to a PRP treatment of this kind has yet to be reported.

If you’re interested in learning more, we encourage you to schedule a private, one on one consultation with Dr. Alkadri. He will answer your questions and provide a clear picture of what to expect from treatment. Don’t let the stigma surrounding women’s sexual health hold you back from taking this incredibly important step forward.