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Work with an expert in minimally invasive surgery and non invasive cosmetic treatments. Dr. Amjad Alkadri is a minimalist, applying his adept aesthetic eye to every patient’s concerns. We aim to enhance your personal natural beauty & reverse the aging process in a real and organic way.

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Dr. Amjad Alkadri

Expert Medical & Cosmetic Services

Vein Therapy

Dr. Alkadri is a board-certified interventional radiologist with decades of experience providing minimally invasive vein treatments.

Liposuction & Fat Grafting

Fat grafting removes living fatty tissue from one area of the body and surgically places the tissue in another area for body contouring.

PRP Hair Restoration

Platelet rich plasma derived from a small sample of your own blood is injected into your scalp to thicken and revitalize thinning hair.

Thread Lifts

Thread lifts provide facial tightening and lifting as well as long-term collagen stimulation for the jaw line, cheeks, eyebrows, and neck.

Dr. Alkadri’s Philosophy

Your anti-aging results should be gradual, natural, and complementary. Dr. Alkadri is a minimalist, applying his adept aesthetic eye to every patient’s concerns. He discusses each patient’s personal goals at length to ensure that they are in control of the outcome. Dr. Alkadri prides himself on enhancing personal natural beauty, reversing the aging process in a real and organic way. Patients of Hinsdale Vein and Laser are thrilled with their subtle, balanced results.

If you’re new to cosmetic injections or anti-aging treatments, you can confidently move forward with Dr. Alkadri knowing that you will never leave the office with overdone lips, a frozen expression or excessive changes of any kind. Browse Dr. Alkadri’s testimonials to hear more about his patients’ experiences, and what treatment is really like with a cosmetic expert.


Dr. Alkadri explained everything well. The entire staff was prompt, helpful and courteous.


Dr. Alkadri and his staff were very helpful and so friendly! Not to mention the office is absolutely stunning!


Had a great experience getting Botox and filler today. I have gotten this done by other docs in the past and believe Dr Alkadri is the best!! Thank you!


Interventional Radiologist and Vein Specialist

Dr. Amjad Alkadri is an Interventional Radiologist and Vein Specialist with expertise in minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Alkadri received his medical degree from the University of Damascus and subsequently completed general surgery and radiology training at Providence hospital in Michigan in 1999. He also completed an Interventional Radiology fellowship at the University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Alkadri is Board Certified in Radiology. An accomplished physician-scientist, Dr. Alkadri has 20 years experience in the field of Interventional Radiology with special interest in the treatment of varicose veins and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. He is currently a primary investigator for an ablative cosmetic treatment of the face sponsored by the FDA.

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