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When To Expect Noticeable Results From Microneedling
October 16, 2020

When to expect results from microneedling

Professional microneedling treatments are a powerful and quick way to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. By replacing old, damaged skin with new skin cells, microneedling treatments offer an array of results you’ll love.

While some benefits, like skin tightening, will show up immediately, other benefits take between four to six weeks to develop fully. Read on to learn the many benefits of microneedling and when you can expect to see noticeable results.

Professional Microneedling Treatment Benefits

While many treatments, such as dermal fillers, can offer instant results, some treatments have benefits that are worth the wait. Microneedling treatments take time for your results to manifest, which has its advantages. The new skin that forms as a result of microneedling takes time to produce. The treatment sends your body the right signals to begin producing new collagen and cellular turnover. No part of the treatment involves chemicals, incisions, stitching, or injections.

Because the changes gradually come, it will be impossible for anyone to assume you’ve had work done. Your skin will start to look refreshed and younger gradually.

Microneedling is most commonly used to target:

  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Sunspots
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Large pores
  • Reduced skin elasticity
  • Uneven skin tone

What To Expect During Treatment

During your microneedling treatment, your provider will make small incisions under the skin with a pen-like tool. The pinpricks are so small that you likely will not notice them after your treatment. The microneedling tool will be moved evenly across your skin, leaving new skin to regrow in its place. A topical anesthetic will be used before your treatment begins to reduce the chances of discomfort.

Professional microneedling treatments are performed with an advanced microneedling device. The longer needles used in professional treatments create more controlled wounding, which then triggers an increase in collagen production. Long needles become hazardous in amateur hands, which is why anything higher than 0.25 millimeters should only be used by a professional.

How Microneedling Can Improve Your Skin

The tiny, ultra-thin needles used during your microneedling treatment make microscopic injuries in your skin. These injuries aren’t enough to cause you any discomfort, but they are enough to signal your body into repair mode. These repair signals cause your skin to rejuvenate and repair the epidermis, making it thicker. It will also build the extracellular matrix, giving your skin a firmer foundation. New, fresh skin will replace skin that has sun damage, acne scars, or hyperpigmentation. As this happens, your wrinkles and fine lines will soften, and your skin will appear younger and rejuvenated.

Extending Your Results

Each person’s skin is unique; however, most people enjoy their results for 8-12 weeks. Taking proper care of your skin can extend your results significantly.

After treatment, be sure to do the following:

  • Drink at least eight cups of water per day, or more if you are active or live in a dry climate
  • Get plenty of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and B
  • Avoid smoking
  • Minimize alcohol intake
  • Avoid direct sun exposure
  • Always apply and reapply SPF sun protection
  • Eat a balanced diet that minimizes sugar and processed foods

Beware of DIY Home Rollers

At-home microneedling can be generally safe as long as you are confident in your research or are already experienced with the process. Most at-home needle rollers are only 0.25 millimeters in depth. Using a roller larger than this is never recommended for home use, and a larger needle does not mean faster results.

Common risks of performing at-home microneedling treatments most frequently include:

  • Performing treatment with too much pressure
  • Performing treatment with too little pressure
  • Using a roller that is not thoroughly clean, which then causes an infection

At-home microneedling rollers can improve product penetration by close to 80%. However, home microneedling will not stimulate collagen production like a professional treatment will. Home microneedling rollers are primarily useful to aid in topical products to penetrate deeper. If you are searching for the resurfacing of acne scars, fine lines, or skin texture, professional treatment will be necessary to address these concerns. In-office treatments will enable you to achieve more exceptional results in a safe environment.

Combining Other Treatments With Microneedling

If you’re looking to maximize your results, microneedling can be successfully combined with several other treatments. The right complementary treatment will depend on your unique goals. Whether you want to brighten the skin or minimize wrinkles, Hinsdale Vein & Laser can help you find the perfect combination to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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