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When To Expect Noticeable Results From PRP Hair Growth Treatments
November 28, 2020

PRP hair growth results

PRP hair restoration is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to restore luscious locks and promote hair growth. One of the most commonly asked PRP therapy questions is how long it takes to work, and when a patient will see noticeable results.

Read on to learn more about PRP hair growth treatment results and how you can achieve healthier looking hair while restoring your confidence.

How PRP Hair Restoration Treatments Work

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy works by first taking a small blood sample. That sample is then treated in a centrifuge to separate the reparative cells, or platelets, from the rest of the components that make up your blood. The highly concentrated PRP can release essential growth proteins when injected back into the body. Using a small needle, your provider will take the PRP and inject it directly into the scalp. PRP hair loss therapy is an incredible way to promote hair growth while using your body’s natural components.

When To Expect Results

It can take up to six to twelve months to visually see your PRP results in the mirror, although most clients begin to notice results at three months. Standardized photos will be taken before each PRP Hair Restoration treatment so that improvement can be tracked. After the treatment phase, the average hereditary hair loss patient can expect a PRP treatment once every 6-12 months to maintain results.

How Long Treatment Results Last

Recognizing and treating your hair loss cause is a crucial piece in maintaining your results from PRP restoration treatments. If the cause of your hair loss is not diagnosed and corrected, you will continue to experience localized hair loss in certain areas of your scalp. Androgenetic alopecia and other types of hair loss cannot be cured with PRP and only treated.

If your hair loss was caused by stress or taking certain medications, follow up treatments once or twice a year are recommended to maintain your results. While PRP therapy for hair growth is still in its infancy from a medical research standpoint, evidence suggests that treatment results can last for years if hair loss’s initial cause is addressed.

What To Expect During Treatment

PRP therapy is a simple three-step process.

Blood Draw

The first step in platelet-rich plasma therapy is drawing a sample of your blood. Depending on how much hair loss is being treated, you can expect approximately 20ml of your blood to be drawn. The first step is a quick process that only takes a few minutes.

Blood Processing

The processing of your blood will take around 15 minutes. When whole blood is being spun in a centrifuge, the components separate by weight. Once the components separate, the red and white blood cells are safely discarded. The platelets and the plasma are combined and prepared for injection.

Blood Injection

The third and final step is to inject the platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. Since the skin on top of the head is thin, a numbing agent is applied to the area before treatment to ensure your comfort.

Learn More About PRP Therapy For Hair Growth

To learn more about PRP therapy and to determine if you’re a good candidate for this treatment, schedule a consultation with Hinsdale Vein & Laser. We will review your medical history, family medical history, and lifestyle during this consultation to determine if PRP therapy is the best course of action in correcting your hair loss.

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