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Your Biggest Weight Loss Injection Questions Answered
February 14, 2024

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Semaglutide (the generic form of Ozempic used for weight loss) and tirzepatide (the generic form of Mounjaro) are taking the weight loss world by storm. And with their growing popularity, it’s natural for people to have questions about these hot medications. For more about how these drugs work, see part 1 of this series.

Weight Loss Peptide FAQs

We understand the importance of staying informed about the treatment you might be considering, and weight loss drugs are no exception. So, let’s get right to it and answer some of your frequently asked semaglutide and tirzepatide questions.

Are Semaglutide and Tirzepatide the Same?

Semaglutide and tirzepatide are both weight-loss peptides. Semaglutide is a GLP-1 receptor agonist, while tirzepatide works on GLP-1 receptors and GIP receptors. Both are shown to be effective for weight loss.

Semaglutide has been around a bit longer, so there are more clinical trials showing its safety and efficacy. Tirzepatide has the potential to be slightly more effective with fewer side effects. However, that is not the case for everyone, and tirzepatide can be more costly.

Can I Take Semaglutide if I Don’t Have Diabetes?

Semaglutide was initially developed for type 2 diabetes management, but it has also shown significant promise in helping individuals with obesity achieve weight loss. It can be prescribed to individuals who have an unhealthy weight and who are looking to address their weight concerns, even if they do not have diabetes.

So, yes, you can be a candidate for semaglutide even if you do not have diabetes. But bonus: if you have pre-diabetes, semaglutide or tirzepatide may have beneficial effects on your blood sugar numbers and can improve insulin resistance.

Is Weight Loss Peptides a Replacement for Diet and Exercise?

Peptides are not a standalone solution. They are most effective when used as part of a comprehensive approach to weight management. A healthy diet plus regular exercise are essential components of any successful treatment plan. Semaglutide or tirzepatide can complement these efforts by helping you achieve and maintain your goals more effectively.

Will I Lose Muscle on Weight Loss Peptides?

Many critics suggest that muscle loss may result from the use of these drugs. However, there is little evidence that muscle loss during semaglutide or tirzepatide treatment is any more significant than what you would expect to see from other weight loss methods. In order to preserve your muscle mass while taking weight loss peptides, or on any diet, it is important to do regular resistance training, prioritize protein in your diet, and stay hydrated.

How Long Does it Take to See Results with Weight Loss Peptides?

Everyone is different, but many people experience noticeable improvements in their weight within just a few weeks of starting treatment. However, it’s important to stay consistent with the medication and follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations for the best results.

Are Semaglutide and Tirzepatide Safe?

Weight loss peptides have undergone extensive clinical trials,  and their long-term safety profile continues to be monitored. Peptides are considered safe for extended use when prescribed and monitored by a qualified healthcare professional.

Will I Gain the Weight Back After Treatment?

Just like any other weight loss method, including bariatric surgery, there is always the potential to gain back lost weight. Talk to your prescriber about remaining on a “maintenance dose” after you reach your goal weight for a period of time in order to increase the likelihood of maintaining your new weight. In addition, continuing healthy eating and exercise habits can help you to keep the weight off long-term.

Does Weight Loss Peptides Require a Specific Diet?

Weight loss peptides work by making you feel fuller longer and affecting how your body metabolizes sugar. While there is no specific diet required when taking semaglutide or tirzepatide, it is beneficial to follow a healthy and balanced diet as part of your overall weight management plan. Limit sugar and highly processed foods and instead focus on fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats.

Can I Drink Alcohol While Taking Weight Loss Peptides?

Enjoying a moderate amount of alcohol is generally considered safe while taking these treatments. However, some people do not tolerate alcohol well while taking semaglutide or tirzepatide. Also, remember that alcohol (as well as non-alcoholic sugary drinks) does not provide your body with healthy nutrients, and drinking your calories can lead to weight gain.

What happens if I Miss a Dose of Semaglutide or Tirzepatide?

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember unless it’s close to your next one. Otherwise, don’t worry about taking the missed dose and continue with your regular dosing schedule. Do not take two doses at the same time to make up for a missed one. Weight loss peptides last in your system for some time, so one missed dose should not affect your treatment timeline. If you are unsure, contact our office.

How Long Can I Take Weight Loss Peptides?

The duration of your treatment can vary depending on your specific response and your goals. Some individuals may use it for a limited period, while others may benefit from long-term usage. We can help determine the most suitable treatment duration for your needs.

Are Weight Loss Peptides Right for You?

We hope that we’ve answered some of your semaglutide and tirzepatide questions. We know that starting a new weight loss medication can feel like a big step. We can help you determine if GLP-1 treatment is the best option to help you reach your weight loss goals. Schedule your consult today!

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