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Relief for Age Spots
January 13, 2018

Have you started to notice age spots on your hands, neck, or face? These small areas of skin discoloration slowly start to accumulate as we age, especially in the very visible areas of our bodies that are most frequently in the sun. Fortunately, you have the option to reverse these signs of aging, and restore your skin’s youthful beauty Hinsdale Vein and Laser is pleased to offer Cutera LimeLight, a non-invasive treatment for various types of skin aging and tones.

Treatment Areas and Expectations

Dr. Alkadri  can treat any part of your neck, face, or décolleté where you have tiny veins, brown spots, or redness. Hinsdale Vein and Laser customizes our LimeLight Facial for each of our patients’ personal care plan.

The process is surprisingly easy and therapeutic. You will experience a very mild stinging or pinching sensation after activation of the light pulse, followed by gentle cooling gel while your skin responds to the LimeLight facial. Most of our patients experience very little discomfort, and don’t require anesthesia.

Temporarily, treated areas will darken after treatment and appear red, and may also experience mild swelling for a few hours. Sessions typically last less than one hour, and our patients report noticeable improvement in one to three sessions, lasting for several weeks. In some cases of extensive sun damage, some patients require additional treatment, but our doctors will recommend a treatment course for your skin and beauty goals.

New sun damage may cause the symptoms to reappear, so take care to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen when spending time outdoors.  Give us a call today to schedule a brown spots and sun damage consultation.

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