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Is it Too Late For Vein Treatments Before Summer?
May 11, 2024

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With summer almost here, it’s time to look forward to the warmer weather, and that means shorts and swimsuits. But for those dealing with varicose veins or spider veins, the summer weather might not be so exciting.

If that’s you, you may have considered vein treatments to gain the confidence you want. If you’re wondering whether it’s too late to start these treatments before summer, you’ll be relieved to know there’s still time!

Let’s see what your best vein treatment options are, including why some might be better suited for pre-summer scheduling than others.

About Vein Removal

Vein removal treatments target unsightly or painful varicose veins and spider veins, which can be problematic for both their appearance and because they may cause discomfort.

Vein treatments are designed to either “kill” the veins, at which point they will be slowly reabsorbed by the body, or remove them entirely. Techniques vary based on the severity and type of vein issues and include laser treatments and non-laser treatments.

The Timing of Laser Treatments

Laser vein treatments are popular because of their effectiveness and non-invasive nature. These procedures involve using strong bursts of light that penetrate the skin to collapse unwanted veins. The targeted vein reabsorbs into the body over time, fading from view. Despite their benefits, laser treatments are less ideal during the warmer months for a couple of reasons.

  • Sun Sensitivity: Post-treatment, your skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight. Exposure to strong sunlight can lead to complications such as skin burns or pigment changes in the treated areas. Therefore, you will want to avoid sun exposure after laser treatments, which can be challenging during summer.
  • Effectiveness on Tanned Skin: Laser treatments are most effective on clear, untanned skin. The presence of a tan alters the skin’s pigmentation, potentially affecting the laser’s ability to target the correct areas as effectively.

If you opt for laser treatments, beginning them in the late winter or early spring is ideal. This timing allows you to complete the necessary sessions (often several are needed for optimal results) and healing before sun exposure becomes a daily occurrence. However, if laser treatments are the best option for you, summer treatments are still possible. You will just need to be mindful of sun exposure and vigilant about wearing sunscreen.

Non-Laser Vein Treatment Alternatives

For those seeking vein treatments that are less affected by sun exposure and can be performed closer to or during summer, non-laser options are available.

  • Sclerotherapy: With this treatment, a solution is carefully injected into the problem vein, causing it to scar and eventually disappear. Sclerotherapy is effective for treating smaller varicose veins and spider veins. It generally requires no downtime, allowing immediate return to everyday activities.
  • Venaseal: Similar to sclerotherapy, Venaseal is a substance that is injected into the vein. The mechanism in effect is slightly different, however. Venaseal works as an adhesive that closes off veins.
  • Phlebectomy: In cases of prominent varicose veins, a phlebectomy can be performed. This minor surgical procedure involves making small incisions to remove the veins physically. It’s typically done under local anesthesia, and patients can walk immediately after the procedure.

These non-laser treatments provide effective alternatives that allow for a quick return to daily activities, including enjoying the summer sun, albeit with appropriate skin protection.

Say Goodbye to Veins This Summer

Yay, it’s not too late to begin vein treatments before summer! Whether you opt for advanced planning with laser treatments or choose quicker, non-laser options, you can still achieve visible improvements in time for warmer weather.

Don’t let another season pass by feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about your veins. Contact us today to book your vein removal consultation for healthier, more beautiful legs by summer.


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