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How To Prevent Your Lips From Thinning With Age
February 24, 2021

Why lips thin over time with age

Our bodies go through many changes as we age. These types of changes are simply a natural part of life, and we can embrace most of these changes to our bodies. One of the areas that most women have trouble accepting change from aging is the lips. With time, they lose volume and become thinner.

Facial changes resulting from aging are different for every woman. After all, all of our faces are distinct and respond differently to the hands of time. If you have started to notice a decline in lip fullness, there are steps you can take to enhance your natural lip, and Hinsdale Vein & Laser is here to help.

Why Lips Thin Over Time

Lips begin to thin for the same reason as the skin begins to sag or lose fullness. Collagen makes up 30% of the body’s protein and 70% of the skin’s protein. The number one cause of skin sagging and volume loss is a loss of collagen production. Over time, the skin’s structural integrity declines, and the body’s overall volume diminishes, especially for the lips.

Other Reasons For a Decline in Collagen

In addition to age, collagen can decline for several reasons.

These often include:


Smoking is damaging to the body for various reasons, with one of them being a cause of premature aging. Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen delivered to the skin. If the tissue cannot regenerate, it is more likely to become damaged beyond repair. Studies have suggested that those who smoke have more wrinkles, crow’s feet, and deep facial lines than those who do not.

UV Damage

There is a direct link between UV damage and collagen loss throughout the body. UV rays damage collagen in a variety of ways. This includes DNA damage to the cells that produce collagen, which leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and visible sun damage.


Research has proven that stress can spark inflammation and lower your body’s ability to produce collagen naturally. Stress also causes an increase in hormones like cortisol, which can also decrease collagen production. Those who struggle with a high-stress lifestyle may be more susceptible to a decline in collagen.


Like with most things, genetics play a critical role in determining how much collagen your body produces and how it is broken down. If your mother and grandmother had great-looking skin long into later years of life, your skin would likely age similarly. If genetics aren’t in your favor, look to factors you can control like diet, stress management, and protecting your skin from the sun.

Treatments For Thinning Lips: Consider Getting Filler

If you find your lips looking particularly thin, you may be interested in considering lip filler. Lip fillers are one of the only proper ways to restore thinning lips to their full, luscious state. Finding the right type of lip filler for your goals is crucial in having fillers look natural. You can expect lip fillers to last for six months to a year, making fillers a great solution without a forever commitment.

Restylane Kysse is the ideal filler for enhancing lip fullness, texture, and color while also smoothing out fine lines on and around the mouth. Specially formulated with XpresHAn Technology, Kysse allows for softer, fuller lips that look and feel natural. Dr. Alkadri is an expert, and he’s able to provide Kysse treatment with no pain, no bruising, and no swelling – making it ideal for first-time patients.

Restore Lip Fullness In 15 Minutes

Filler treatments, on average, take 15 minutes and include multiple injections. The effects of fillers are immediate, though the effects will be reduced and settle over the week following your treatment. If you’re ready to achieve natural-looking and subtle results, Restylane dermal fillers may be the ideal solution for you. Contact Hinsdale Vein & Laser today to discuss our lip filler special for the month of February.