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How Long Do PRP Hair Restoration Results Last?
May 26, 2022

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PRP is a true breakthrough for regenerative medicine, treating everything from aging skin to osteoarthritis. What is even more amazing is that PRP has shown real promise for reversing hair loss without drugs, synthetic chemicals, or implants.

If you are curious about this treatment option, you are not the only one. PRP for hair loss has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. Read on to find out more about what PRP is, how it works to regrow your hair, and how long PRP for hair restoration lasts.

What is PRP for Hair Loss?

You might have heard of PRP for its skin rejuvenation properties. PRP is derived from a patient’s own blood.

PRP stands for “platelet rich plasma.” What makes PRP so unique and beneficial as a treatment option is that it is relatively simple to create and can be made from your blood in about 10-15 minutes. Because it originates from the patient’s own blood, PRP involves no harsh or synthetic chemicals, and the chances of having a negative reaction are very low.

PRP is generated by taking a small vial of blood, usually from your arm, and placing it in a centrifuge (a machine that spins the blood at a high rate of rotation) to separate the PRP from other components of the blood. The PRP, as its name suggests, has a high concentration of platelets. These naturally-occurring platelets have healing properties that have several medical and cosmetic applications.

before and after prp hair restoration

The uses of this cutting-edge treatment include injections into joint and connective tissue to treat musculoskeletal conditions, facial injections to smooth and rejuvenate skin, and now injections into the scalp to treat hair loss. After PRP is generated (right here in our office), it is injected into the scalp, where hair loss occurs. The PRP stimulates the body to produce hair growth as well as thicken hair follicles.

How Long do PRP Results Last?

PRP stimulates growth, prevents hair from falling out, and thickens the hair follicle. The results look entirely natural because PRP is stimulating your body to naturally produce and hold onto its own hair. Patients can expect to see a reduction in hair loss in a few weeks’ time, with full results at six months. Results can be expected to last approximately one year.

A typical course of treatment requires a few visits. The number will vary by patient. PRP hair loss treatment does require regular maintenance. However, results tend to improve with repeat treatment.

Am I a Candidate For PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

PRP is considered a minimally invasive treatment. Platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own blood, so as mentioned above, the risks of complications are low. Because injections can be unpleasant, a numbing agent is used for your comfort. Treatment is relatively quick as the PRP is generated on-site in our office. There is no downtime, and you can resume most activities right away.

Different patients see different levels of treatment success. PRP treatment is best for those with androgenetic alopecia and early hair loss. An additional benefit is that many patients actually see an increased effect with maintenance treatments. This means that there is the potential that with each course of treatment you undertake, the more rapid and noticeable your results will be. In addition, it is often possible to combine PRP with other hair loss treatment options to maximize results.

Curious about platelet-rich plasma for hair loss treatment? Schedule a consultation with our experts today to see if it may be a good option for you.