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How Does a Thread Brow Lift Work?
August 9, 2022

Woman considering brow lift or thread lift

If your eyes show signs of age, such as sagging eyes, brow lines, and crow’s feet, you are not alone. And when it comes to smoothing, firming, and lifting these areas, there seem to be two extremes: facial cosmetic surgery and injectable treatments.

But what if there was a middle ground? One that could give you better and longer-lasting results than injections, but without the risks and downtime associated with surgery.

What if we told you the Silhouette InstaLift brow lift gives you just that? This treatment option has several advantages over injectable treatments but is far less invasive, risky, or dramatic than the surgical brow lift option.

What is the Silhouette InstaLift Brow Lift?

Before your treatment, we will have an in-depth consultation to discuss your concerns and cosmetic goals to determine if a Silhouette Instalift brow lift is the best choice for you. During this time, feel free to ask any questions so we can address any concerns you have.

Thread lifts are minimally invasive procedures, meaning they do not require a scalpel or general anesthesia. They do, however, require a needle. To avoid discomfort, a local pain killer will be used.

Your provider will predetermine specific positions on your face and brow through which to guide the thread in order to attain your goals. At the time of your treatment, a very fine suture will be guided between these points at a precise depth beneath the skin.

The suture is specially designed with bi-directional cones that help adhere to facial tissue. These cones anchor the thread in place and stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms.

Treatment typically takes about 45 minutes to complete. After your treatment, you will be able to return to normal daily activities right away. Some patients experience mild soreness or discomfort in the treatment area, but this will only last a couple of days and should not interfere with a typical day-to-day routine.

What About Results?

There will likely be a noticeable but natural-looking lifting of the skin. This is due to the thread physically tightening the area. But this is not the end of your results. Over time, the thread will stimulate your body to heal the area, creating a surge in the production of collagen. This collagen will add structure and elasticity to the deep layers of skin, which in turn will smooth fine lines and wrinkles, plump the skin, and reduce sagging.

before and after silhouette instalift

This overall improvement in texture and appearance will occur slowly over several months following your treatment. At this point, the threads will begin to dissolve and be absorbed into the body. They are made of a safe material that allows for this to happen without any noticeable effects. The results, however, will last long beyond the dissolving of the threads and can be seen for one to three years after treatment.

ThreadLift vs. Other Treatments

Compared to other forehead-tightening measures, the thread lift has several advantages.

Surgical Brow Lift

As we mentioned, while a surgical lift may have longer-lasting and more dramatic results, the thread lift can be a better option for many patients. It offers more natural-looking results and requires no downtime, no general anesthesia, and no incisions. In addition, thread lifts are far more affordable than surgery.


Neuromodulators (botulism toxin) injections smooth the skin by paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkles. This treatment is quick, minimally invasive, and can be quite effective. Injections might be a good option for very subtle effects that you might seek if you are new to cosmetic procedures. Both procedures do not require surgery or downtime, and both can usually be completed in under an hour.

A thread lift, however, can produce much more noticeable results. The thread lift also produces results by physically lifting the features and stimulating collagen rather than paralyzing the muscles. This may be a preferable mechanism for some patients. Lastly, thread lift results last much longer: years rather than just a few months.

Am I a ThreadLift Candidate?

Many patients are candidates for a Silhouette InstaLift brow lift. If you want to learn more about this breakthrough procedure and whether it is right for you, schedule a consultation today!