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Fall Into Laser Hair Removal: Why Now is the Best Time to Get Started
November 8, 2023

Woman with smooth skin showing off laser hair removal results.

Have you spent all summer battling annoying body hair? Shaving, waxing, and plucking can be time-consuming and, let’s face it, a bit painful, especially in the warmer months when you feel like it is a constant struggle for smooth skin.

If you’ve been considering a more permanent solution, you’re in luck. Autumn is, without a doubt, the perfect season to kickstart your journey towards smooth, hair-free skin with laser hair removal.

A Quick Primer on Laser Hair Removal

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal is a cutting-edge, gentle approach to permanent body and facial hair removal. This treatment utilizes heat energy to target the pigments in each hair follicle, rendering the structure incapable of producing new hair growth.

Why Fall is The Ideal Time to Start

Summer might be when hair is most noticeable, and Spring might be a tempting time to begin, but fall and early winter are truly the best time to start.

Time for Multiple Sessions

One of the most compelling reasons to choose fall for laser hair removal is that you have time for multiple sessions before the warm weather starts.

Laser hair removal isn’t a one-and-done procedure. The treatment is most effective during a specific hair growth stage, meaning multiple treatments will be needed for maximum benefits. These sessions are usually spaced a few weeks apart, which means that starting in the fall gives you ample time to complete the recommended number of treatments before the next swimsuit season rolls around. Rest assured, by the time summer arrives, you’ll be flaunting silky-smooth skin with confidence.

Sun Safety

After a laser hair removal session, it’s a good idea to avoid direct sun exposure. Even though IPL is a gentle treatment compared with other types of laser apparatus, sun exposure can increase the risk of complications, including hyperpigmentation or skin damage.

Cooler weather and cozy fall fashion choices mean an easier time covering up many popular treatment areas. The waning strength of the sun during the fall and winter months also helps. Plus, starting your laser hair removal journey in the fall ensures that you can comfortably avoid sun exposure without feeling like you’re missing out on those sunny days.

Bye-Bye Beach Tan

Speaking of summer, that golden beach tan may look stunning, but it’s not ideal for laser hair removal. As we mentioned, IPL works by targeting hair’s pigment. The contrast between your tanned skin and hair makes it difficult for the laser to target the hair follicles accurately. This can lead to less effective results and more sessions needed for optimal outcomes.

By starting your sessions in the fall, you give your skin ample time to recover from any sun exposure it might have endured during the summer months; your tan will have faded, leaving your skin in its natural state and ready for laser hair removal to work its magic.

Comfort in Your Own Skin

Laser hair removal can cause some temporary redness and sensitivity in the treated areas. Starting in the fall means you will have an easier time covering up these areas. Also, you won’t have to worry about sweating and potential discomfort that can come with summer heat. You can have your sessions in a more comfortable and controlled environment.

Start Saving

Not only does starting laser hair removal in the fall offer you the opportunity to bid farewell to unwanted body hair for good by summer, but it’s also a savvy financial move. The sooner you begin, the more you stand to save in the long run.

The cost of razors, waxing appointments, and depilatory creams can add up over time. By opting for laser hair removal now, you’re investing in a lasting solution that eliminates the need for these ongoing expenses. So, not only will you enjoy the convenience of hair-free skin, but you’ll also keep more money in your pocket over the years ahead.

Expert Guidance

Fall is an excellent time to schedule a consultation with our experienced professionals who can assess your skin type and hair color, customize a treatment plan, and answer any questions you may have. Taking this step now sets you on the path to successful hair removal.

Schedule a consultation with our experts today, and let’s make this fall your season of transformation.


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