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Eliminate Fat and Contour Your Jawline With Liposuction
July 22, 2020

Contour Jawline With Liposuction

Submental fat, or fat under the chin, can give off the false impression of being obese while distorting your facial profile. With chin liposuction, you can contour your jawline and achieve a slimmer, more youthful facial profile, all while eliminating stubborn fat.

Read on to learn more about how this highly effective treatment can reshape your face and make you look pounds lighter with just one session.

How To Eliminate a Double Chin With Liposuction

Chin liposuction is a specialized form of liposuction that removes unwanted fat from under the chin. This advanced procedure features a specific cannula that suctions out the fat cells under the chin to provide you with better face contours. Chin liposuction requires only a minuscule incision, and submental fat will be permanently removed through this treatment to provide long-term results.

Benefits of Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction is a highly popular treatment that combines excellent results with minimal downtime. No other non-invasive fat reducing treatments can achieve the level of facial sculpting or fat elimination as liposuction.

Chin liposuction offers many incredible benefits, including:

  • Eliminating a Double Chin – Chin liposuction offers a safe, proven treatment to eliminate submental fat that creates a double chin.
  • Enhancing Your Natural Jawline – You can gain many benefits from chin liposuction, with one of the key benefits being a more defined jawline.
  • Reducing fat in the Neck – Double chin liposuction is a simple and effective method for eliminating stubborn neck fat. Eliminating neck fat with chin liposuction can make you appear pounds lighter with this treatment alone.
  • Results Are Permanent –  The unwanted fat removed from liposuction is permanently eliminated, and the success rates for the treatment are exponentially high compared to other fat removal therapies.

Traditional Liposuction Vs. Laser Liposuction

Traditional liposuction can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other treatments. The distinction between regular liposuction and laser liposuction is that the laser procedure includes skin tightening. This can be an incredible benefit for those concerned with sagging or loose skin below the chin or on the neck. You will be able to learn more about each treatment’s benefits, and Dr. Alkadri will help you determine which type of liposuction therapy is the right choice for you during your consultation.

What To Expect During Recovery

Bruising and swelling are common symptoms after double chin liposuction. Immediately following your procedure, you will need to wear a head wrap for about a week to keep a certain amount of pressure under the chin. A head wrap will also help minimize chin swelling and ensure that the skin will conform correctly to the new contour of the neck.

You will need to remain elevated in an upright position in the days following your treatment to speed up the healing process. Most patients can return to work and other daily activities one week following treatment.

Other Liposuction Treatment Areas

Liposuction is a versatile treatment that can slim, smooth, and sculpt almost anywhere on the body. In addition to chin liposuction, several other areas of the body can benefit from liposuction. From head to toe, prosperous liposuction treatment areas include the:

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Outer thighs
  • Inner thighs
  • Knees
  • Lower legs
  • Ankles

Is Liposuction The Right Treatment For You?

Any individual concerned about excess skin and fat in the chin and neck areas may be an ideal candidate for double chin liposuction. The best way to determine if you are the right candidate for this life-changing treatment is to schedule a consultation with Hinsdale Vein & Laser. During your appointment, we can examine your facial features and review your medical history to make an informed treatment decision.

*Please note that there is a nonrefundable $100 deposit required for liposuction consultations. This will be applied to the procedure cost.