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Can I Plump Thin Lips Naturally?
September 12, 2022

Woman with beautiful plump lips.

Plump lips are everywhere. Possibly the biggest beauty trend of the decade, the full, pouty lip is highly coveted and going strong. And while we all know many celebs get their Insta-worthy pouts with regular lip injections, you may feel like your own lips are lacking.

Ever wonder what contributes to your lip shape and fullness? There are a few factors at play and several options – from lifestyle to makeup tips to professional treatments – that can help you get fuller-looking lips you love.

What Contributes to Lip Fullness?

Believe it or not, the look of your lips actually involves a lot of different causes. You are born with certain traits, but your environment can also play a role.


Lip shape is mostly a function of your genes. This means a lot of what determines your lip shape and fullness is out of your control. Not only do genes give your lips their specific shape and size, but the amount of collagen produced by your body will also be partially regulated by genetics.


As we get older, our bodies just don’t produce as much collagen as when we are young. Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in your tissue (including lips) that makes for a youthful, plump appearance.


The use of tobacco products, UV exposure (from the sun or tanning beds), and high levels of stress can all contribute to collagen loss. These lifestyle factors not only affect the plump look of your lips, but can contribute to premature aging of your skin as well.

Getting Plumper Lips at Home

There are some things you can do to maximize the fullness of your lips on your own. Read on for some ways to get DIY plump lips.

Stay Healthy (and Hydrated)

As we mentioned, an unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to thinning lips. Stay away from smoking (yes-that includes vapes). Make sure to wear sunblock or a lip balm with SPF. It is just as important to protect your lips from the sun’s damaging rays as it is to protect your  skin. Maintaining a healthy diet will also give your body the nutrition it needs to maximize collagen production.

Lastly, stay hydrated! Your lips can actually become dehydrated, and as a result, they will appear to deflate. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help to keep your lips healthy and plump.

Exfoliate and Moisturize

We know you have a carefully cultivated skincare routine for your face. You should treat your lips the same way! Using a lip balm daily to keep lips feeling soft and supple will help them stay healthy and look their best. A lip mask can also be an effective way to pamper your pout.

In addition, gently exfoliate your lips (no more than once or twice a week). There are plenty of lip scrubs you can purchase as well as DIY options to make at home. Sloughing away dead, dry skin can really go a long way to letting your beautiful, plump lips shine.

Make the Most of Makeup

There are no shortage of YouTube tutorials on using makeup to make lips appear fuller. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more and subtle makeup done right can go a long way.

For example, strategically use a slightly lighter lip shade or high-shine gloss at the middle of each of your lips and blend into your color to create dimension.

Another trick is to work your concealer. First, use concealer to blur the lip line. Then, line your lips just outside of their natural edge before you fill them in with lipstick. For an even sharper contrast, use a fine brush to apply more concealer outside of your already lined lips.

Get Real Results

If you have tried DIY options but still want bigger results, consider a lip filler. This procedure is extremely quick, safe, and effective. Lip fillers will give you predictable, professional results that at-home options simply cannot attain.

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